Putting the Fun in Business Networking

If you’re new to the world of business and you’ve been looking for a support network to help you and provide an networking opportunity, then look no further than Country Business Women.

We’re a support organization that has been running since 2012 in the Clare Valley area in South Australia, and we provide the networking that women in business are looking for.  We have monthly meetings which are a variety of coffee catch ups, long lunches and workshops. Each session is a great learning experience for you to ensure your business continues to flourish.

The Country Business Women are here to help you discuss any issues you may have when it comes to running and maintaining your business. It’s likely that many of us have gone through the same things before and may have some sound advice to offer so that you can be well on your way. But we’re not only into discussing business; we’re here to create a network that you can rely on any point in time.

That’s why Country Business Women support group is necessary to those who are looking for a place to make connections. We’re here to build networks and create a friendship that will last a lifetime, so you can have a listening ear when you need it.

Most of all, we’re here to have fun. When everything is said and done, there are times when we want to leave work at work and have some time for ourselves to relax and catch up with friends.


Clare Valley, South Australia